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sich (dat) etw [von jdm] geben lassen = to ask [sb] for sth

I would like to say "I am asking you for the truth." How can I say that in German using the expression above?

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    You can't. Please explain (or look up) in which situations "sich etw geben lassen" is appropriate, and what it actually means. (Hint: "geben lassen" is important). Now look up other meanings for "to ask for". Which of those meanings is appropriate for "to ask s.o. for the truth"?
    Ok, so let's answer the question: Why is "sich etwas geben lassen" sometimes a good translation for "to ask s.b. for"?

    Literally, "to ask for something" = "nach etwas fragen".
    However, in English it's mostly used to express the desire that the other person does for you, which is "um etwas bitten".

    You could have found both meanings on

    "Lassen" can be used as an auxiliary verb. In this case, we're interested in meaning 1. of the auxiliary usage (section II.). There's no direct English equivalent, but have a look at the translations:

    Try to come up with a feeling for the meaning. Can you now describe in your own words in what kind of situation "sich etwas geben lassen" would make sense? How does this match with the meaning of "to ask s.b. for"?

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