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Please translate this sentence!!

I don't understand this sentence well...

Does やすい means ''cheap'' here? What is the use of 書き here?

Thank you!!

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    In Japanese you can add -やすい or -にくい to a verb stem in order to say if something is easy or hard.
    For example with 書きます if you remove the ending you have 書き.
    書き+やすい=書きやすい(Easy to write)
    書き+にくい=書きにくい(Hard to write)
    Another example:
    食べます、食べ+にくい=食べにくい(Hard to eat)

    With your sentence it is saying もっと書きにくいペン so it is asking for a pen that is "more easy to write (with)" or "EASIER to write (with) "

    a pen thats easier to write with

    This 易い (yasui) means easy and this 安い (yasui) means cheap.

    "Please use a pen that is easier to write with"

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