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한국어에 언제 ''나는''''제가''''저는'''을 씁니까?

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    when you introduce to other people-저는 학생입니다.im a student

    Q. 한국어에 언제 ''나는''''제가''''저는'''을 씁니까?

    they are subjects.
    '나는' is similar to '저는', but '저는' is an honorific form.
    when you talk to older people or many people(not 1:1) or when you meet someone at the first time(which means if you're not familiar with someone), you'd better use that form.

    '제가' is also a polite expression,
    제 = 저, but we don't use '저가' or '제는'.

    try to search 은/는.이/가

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