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How does one translate the verb "Стать"?

Я недавно прочитал эту фразу но, я не уверен что, я понимаю всё. Вот фраза:
"Правда, домой телевизор покупать не стал." На английским я думаю что это значит "In truth, he never bought a television at home (never bothered to buy a television)". Кто-нибудь может переводить это лучше?
- Спасибо!

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    Когда человек не стал что-то делать, значит он передумал. If a Russian man did not become to do something, this means, that he changed his mind.
    And you may translate your phrase like that: But he (or someone here and further by a context) changed his mind to buy a TVset to his home.

    'стать + infinitive' means 'to begin to do (sth), to start doing (sth).' Я стал ждать -- I began to wait; Я стал писать письмо -- I began to write a letter etc.
    So, if it's a negative it means the opposite: 'I didn't begin to wait' or better 'I decided not to wait'.
    Я не стал покупать телевизор -- I decided not to buy a television at home (because I don't need it or whatever).

    стать = be come, to stand

    You can use the word in different ways, for example, "he wanted to be president" or if you add "В" the word changes its meaning completely, for example, "to stand on pedistal"

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