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In business Vs on business?



I'd like to know the difference between saying "Mr .Green is in business" and "Mr. Green is on business"?
Also is it correct to say "Mr. Green works in business"?

Thank you!

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    They are a little incomplete, but I will explain the difference:

    "Mr .Green is in business" (Mr Green has 'business' as his occupation, he is involved in a business or more than one business. In this sentence, Business is the abstract concept)

    "Mr. Green is on business" (Mr Green is located somewhere, that is not his usual location. Really you would say 'Mr Green is here on business'. With this preposition, we generally mean that business is the purpose of a persons presence in a location. 'I am here on business / the purpose of my visit is business)

    "Mr. Green works in business" (this is different to your first example. The inclusion of the verb means we are not talking about the abstract concept. So we need an article to tell us more. 'Mr Green works in A business nearby' or 'Mr Green works in THE business my father founded'

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