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future tense in Arabic

What negation should I use here?

1) It will not happen --
سوف لا يحدث
لا سيحدث (is this one correct?)

2) I wasn’t busy -- لم كنت مشغول
I’m not busy -- لست مشغول
I won’t be busy -- ?

Also, is this correct sentence?
I knew this WOULD happen.
عرفت ان هذا سيحدث

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    Negation in future tense is done by using لن.
    It will not happen.
    =لن يحدث

    I wasn't busy.
    =لم أكن مشغولا

    I'm not busy.
    =لست مشغولا

    I won't be busy.
    =لن أكون مشغولا

    Yes, the last sentence is correct.

    Hope this helps.

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