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Cute Russian Phrases?

I am making a whole bunch of little heart cutouts to look like candies and I would like to write some lovely little phrases in Russian like "kiss me," "be mine" or "true love." What are some Russian phrases I can include?
Thanks in advance!

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    Люблю тебя, Ты самая милая, целую, сладенькая, хочу тебя, обожаю, без ума от тебя, ты самая красивая
    I Love You, You're the sweetest kisses, sweetie, I want you, adore you, crazy about you, you are the most beautiful

    Кстати, в русском нужно отличать некоторые фразы для мальчика и для девочки!
    By the way, in Russian you need to distinguish some phrases for boys and for girls!

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