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Adjetivos con nombres femeninos

Unas preguntas más sencillas:

"Mi amiga mejor" o "mi amiga mejora"?

"Mi hermana menor" o "mi hermana menora"?

Muchas gracias!

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    You say: Mi mejor amiga
    and : Mi hermana menor .

    If you have any question, just let me know it. I'm willing to help you :)

    mi hermana mayor, mi hermana menor.
    Comparative adjetives don't have gender.

    mi hermana mejora = my sister gets better.

    "Mi amiga mejor" and "mi hermana menor" but it sounds better to say "mi mejor amiga", some adjectives like "mejor" or "menor" doesn't have a genre so i suggest you to search on internet a list of adjectives that don't have genre to learn them better

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