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'이/가' 하고 '에'와 '익숙하다'라는 동사/형용사


다음 문장과 영어로 차이의 설명이 맞아요?

1) 저는 외국어를 알아듣는 것이 익숙해요.
(Understanding foreign languages is familiar to me.)
(기초 의미: Understanding is familiar.)

2) 저는 외국어를 알아듣는 것에 익숙해요.
(I am accustomed/familiar with understanding foreign languages.)
(기초 의미: I am familiar with.)

3) 저는 오랜 전통이 익숙해져 있어요.
(Old traditions are familar to me.)
(기초 의미: Traditions are familiar.)

4) 저는 오랜 전통에 익숙해져 있어요.
(I am accustomed to old traditions.)
(기초 의미: I am accustomed to.)


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    I think 익숙하다 of the first and third sentences is better to written as 친숙하다.
    Actually, the first 익숙하다 has no matter, but the means of 'familiar' are often translated as 친숙하다 in Korea..

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