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A friend sent me a letter in Chinese. Google translate and my poor Chinese are usually good enough to understand most of the prose, but the translation for this poem was incomprehensible. Can anyone help, or give me a link for an English translation?

生查子 元夕

Additional Details:

I found a translation online. It doesn't scan very well, but at least it rhymes.

At last year's Lantern Festival
The flower market was bright as day.
The moon had climbed the willow tops.
At twilight end he came my way.

At this year's Latern Festival
Moonlight and lamplight shine no less.
I have not seen my last year's love.
Tears wet the sleeves of my Spring dress.

Tr. A. Ayling & D. Mackintosh

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    At Lantern Festival - Tune: Song of Hawthorn by Ouyang Xiu

    In the Lantern Festival night of last year,
    The flowers market was bright as daylight.

    When the moon hung behind the willows,
    Young people went out on dates under them.

    In the Lantern Festival night of this year’s,
    The moon and the lanterns were the same.

    But I could not find last year's date of mine,
    My sleeves of festival dress are wet with tears.

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