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козла забъём ?


I´ve heard it in a film.Can you help me?

( из кинофильма Афоня,1975)

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    "забивать козла" means 'to play dominoes'; ''давай козла забьем" -- let's play dominoes. Nobody knows (not excluding myself) where this meaning came from. Козел is a common derogatory term for a man, but it's never used with the verb 'забьем'.

    Haha, first it'd be very good to have at least some context but since you didn't do that and I don't quite remember Афоня let me speculate :)

    First - the literal meaning

    забить козла - to slaughter a goat

    Second, козел can be a swear word for a person you don't like meaning somethong like prick, asshole and etc. So in this sense

    забьем козла would mean "Let's go kick tha prick's ass"

    I hope this helps in any way :)

    Козла забьем?= в домино сыграем? (Употреблется только любителями домино).

    play domino (table game with double pieces and dice)

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