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'me llamo' pora 'me gusta' ???

Someone can explain why is so ?
Endings in 'o' in 'llamo' but in 'a' in 'gusta' ?


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    Llamo -> first person singular.
    Gusta -> third person singular.

    The form of the verb agrees with the SUBJECT of the sentence. The constructions of these two verbs are different:

    YO (subject first person singular) me llamo (verb first person singular) Pedro.
    La pizza (subject third person singular) me (indirect object) gusta (verb third person singular).

    This is a tricky syntax point. I hope this explanation helps!

    Los dos pertenecen a la primera conjugación cantar, gustar
    Yo canto / gusto
    Tu cantas / tu gustas
    El canta / el gusta
    Yo canto una canción => sujeto yo => primera persona.
    A mi me gusta esa canción => sujeto esa canción => tercera persona

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