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How would you explain ‘corpus Deum’ in the context?


“Well, I expect there is little I can do about keeping you here. But please come on Friday. Before we dismiss for Easter week, our school will be leading the processional down the street to St. Agnes. We need six of our older boys for carrying the Santo Cristo. You may be the only one who can remember which way to walk.”
“For carrying the what?”
The administrator leaned out from his desk and yanked the silk drape from the corpse, exposing a bloody head and naked shoulders. “Our crucifixion figure. We’ve just had it cleaned and varnished, ready to carry into the chapel.”
“Oh. Indeed sir, corpus Deum. He lives.”

How would you explain ‘corpus Deum’ in the last sentence?
PS: The story took place in Mexico City. In this scene, the administrator of a school of cretins was talking with a boy.

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    Corpus Deum refers to the body of Christ, or the crucifixion figure.

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