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Where do you put "por favor" in a sentence?

In English there are several places one can put "please". 1. Please pass me the salt. 2. Will you please pass me the salt? or 3. Pass me the salt, please. I am not sure where to property put please in Spanish.

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    Hello !
    The Spanish language is very flexible in terms of syntactic structures. In this case, according to your example, you can use 'please' as you would do it in English.

    You put it at the very end of the sentence. Sometimes it is used in the beginning, but is less common, so just try to end the entire thought or sentence with a "por favor".


    You can put in several place...the most natural is put it in the begenninig or in the ending
    Por favor, ¿me puedes pasar la sal?
    ¿Me puedes pasar la sal, por favor?
    Pásame, por favor, la sal.

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