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Are 이렇다 & 그렇다/그러다 used as adjective/verbs at the end of a sentence?

I know 그렇게(adverb) means like that.and 그렇다 have many forms like 그런데,그러면,그래요? etc I know all these.

1.So If 그러다 and 그렇다 means to be like that,both can be conjugated so how do you use it as adjective/verb in a sentence in present tense( 그래요) past tense(그랬어요) and future tense(그럴 거예요) How does this adjective describe nouns or is it not used in that way but if so can I have few sentences in present form, past form and future tense.

2. I saw this as a example sentence 걔는 그럴 애 아니야.
what is 그럴?. is it the same as 그런/이건(that/this sort of /kind of)?

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