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Tentang "kok", "loh", seterusnya.

Halo semua,

Sudah lama saya bingung tentang "kok", "dong" dan kata-kata seperti itu.
Kemarin saya baca di buku:

"Dong" emphasizes an order or warning, or it can mean that the person should have known better.
"You should eat!" Makan, dong!
"Are you coming?" "Yes, of course I am!" Kamu ikut? Ya dong.

"Sih" softens a question, if you want to talk about a sensitive subject.
"Hmmmmm, what's wrong?" Ada apa, sih?
"Why"? Kenapa, sih? (being gentle about it)

"Deh" is a term that urges and pleads. It isn't forceful like "dong".
"Come on, let's eat!" Ayo makan deh.
"Ok, I'll try it!" Ok deh, aku coba.

Tolong konfirmasi kalau betul atau tidak. Ada lagi tapi ini cukup untuk satu pertanyaan.

Terima kasih.

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    Just adding, In another context, "deh" also has different meaning. Sometimes it is used to show that you agree on things, usually after somebody successfully convinced you, or asked you to do sth, and thus you have no choice.

    Ani : Ayo dong nonton! Masa gue nonton sendirian sih
    Nina : Yah, tapi gw nggak ada duit (I’m broke)
    Ani : Gue bayarin deh tiketnya (“deh” here is used to accentuate or emphasize her persuasion as she tried to convince the listener to go with her. “gue bayarin deh tiketnya literally means “I will pay for the ticket”
    Nina : Ya deh gua ikut. ( “deh” here shows that she finally agrees to go with her after being convinced several times )


    Benar kok! I usually use those words to emphasize something.. hehe XD

    "Sih" doesn't always soften a question. It is used when the other person is your friend or family (someone who is close to you). If you use "sih" to older people or strangers, it is considered as rude. Hope this is useful :)

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