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Der Deutsche nur kann das Sein neu sagen


I'm not entirely sure what this actually means. What makes me rather confused is "neu." My own translation of this sentence seems to make no sense at all: *The Germans can only say the being again. So I'd like to know what a correct translation of it sounds like.

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    „The Germans can only say the being again.“

    Ja, es geht um „das Sein“ oder „das Dasein“ oder „die Existenz“.
    Ich denke, dass „der Deutsche“ hier das Sein neu formulieren oder neu definieren kann/will/soll…
    Ah, there's the example....

    This is philosophical stuff, and the German philosophers are prone to use words in a double sense (and in old fashioned language), so it's difficult to translate.

    "etwas neu sagen" = "etwas auf neue Art sagen".

    Reading German philosophers is an exercise for advanced learners, even for native speakers. Don't even try until you are comfortable with normal German.

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