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What does this mean in Russian?

Someone mentioned about me on the web in Russian a long time ago.
But, I don't understand Russian so I wonder what it means.

Креатив в чистом виде. Подборка учебных загибонов от студента калифорнийского института искусств. Попадаются просто перлы, например 'Swatch in swatches' и т.п... Перпендикулярно учёбе, Хаято работает в дизайн-конторе под названием Buck, 'грибной' сайт которой тоже стоит много.

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    I'll try to interpret it into kind of 'standart' English. The author uses slang ;)

    Pure creativeness. A bunch of student's jokes by a student of the California Institute of the Arts. One can come across real pearls like 'Swatch in swatches' etc.
    Contrary to his studying Hayato works at a in design office called Buck, whose 'under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms created' site is also worth a lot.

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