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What is the difference between German (Germany) and German (Switzerland)?

I noticed that when I was getting a German keyboard on my iPad, they had German (Germany) and German (Switzerland) options. Is there a difference between the two? Is it like English in America and Britain, where they both speak the same language but spell words differently/have words the other country doesn't?

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    With respect to keyboards, the Swiss keyboard layout is slightly different (some symbols in different place, accented e's above umlaut keys).

    And yes, there are difference in spelling, and difference in vocabulary. Also, there's a difference in pronounciation, much stronger than between American and British English.

    It depends on the keyboard layout. German Keyboard layouts for Germany and Switzerland are slightly different. For example, Swiss German uses a keyboard layout without "ß" sign. So you cannot type ß directly using a single key on Swiss German keyboard. It is ony about typing symbols and not about the spellings.

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