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what does "2-2 tie" mean?

I was looking up "honorable" in OAAD and there's a sentence caught me eyes.
"They managed an honorable 2–2 tie."
I can't figure out it even searched on Google, I understand every single words though.
what does "2-2 tie" mean? Where is this term from? any background info or story?
Or just tell me what does that sentence mean in other words would be helpful~

Thank you :)

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    Google definition of "tie": achieve the same score or ranking as another competitor or team.

    A "2-2 tie" would be when two competitors have scored 2 points each (it is a "tie"). The fact that this is "honorable" would be determined by the context (I surmise they did their best, and that was somewhat "honorable"...).

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