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运动还是体育?照片还是照相?办法、方式、和方法是什么意思What are the differences between these words


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    运动means do exercise,体育always means physical education,especially in school,we have a class called 体育.
    照片 means photo,picture,noun,照相 means take a picture ,verb
    办法 means method,ex:我有办法(means i have a idea,i know how todo something,it's concrete)
    方式 means mode\manner\style,ex:做人的方式(means how to be a man,it's abstract)
    方法 means approach,ex:学习方法(means a way to learn,well,sometimes 方式和方法也可以互换)
    ex:你的方式\方法不对(the way you did is wrong),这是个好办法(this is a good idea or method)
    If you still have any questions,youcan ask me :)

    运动 = sports
    体育 = PE

    照片 = 照相

    办法 = 方法 = method
    方式 = way


    运动it's concrete.for example, playing basketball or football, swimming, jogging and so on,
    体育 in english it's physical education. but it not only mean that. if someone says I work at 体育,maybe he is a teacher or an athlete. I think it makes a general reference.
    照片 means photo,picture,noun,照相 means take a picture ,verb (as amber said)
    办法 means idea
    方式 means way\manner\,ex:合作方式 (方式 is absract as amber said.)
    方法 means method, ex:学习方法 (方法 is concrete generally. bust sometimes 方法 and 方式 is the same mean. )
    I hope this can help you!

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