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Catholics prayer, 'grace' before meals in Brazil? As pessoas do Brasil falam oracoes antes de comer?

In English, many Catholics say this prayer before meals:

Bless us, O Lord, in these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Do Catholics in Brazil say anything similar before meals or is there a translated version of this prayer available?

Muito obrigado!

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    Catholics who pray before meals is not very common. However, on my view, this practice is important (especially among family). Today, we live in a kind of "democrat outbreak" among us. lolo. Christianity has been ostracized in any way. I'll post an example of prayer that we use in my family.

    "Louvamos-te, oh Deus, pelas bençãos que nos dá por meio de Cristo, nosso Senhor. Agradecemos pela alimento que está em nossa mesa. Amém."

    Ps: Can correct this answer? Thank you. See you later.

    in the past. Most people do prayer , but nowadays, som people do it. here I live is rarely people pray but in Northeast people also pray and them are very religious.

    Well some people do, but not always

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