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How to say "I hate you" "She" "Her" "He" "Him" and "they".

How to say i hate you?
and how to say she, her, he, him. his, , they, them in tagalog?
i still dont get it :( help me please :(

thanks a lot :D

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    There are three groups of pronouns in Tagalog; the one you're looking for is the ANG set. The NG set is for showing possession, while the SA set shows receivers.


    I = ako
    you (singular) = ka / ikaw (when at the beginning of a sentence)
    he/she = siya
    we (inclusive) = tayo
    we (exclusive) = kami
    you (plural or polite) = kayo
    they = sila


    mine = ko
    yours (singular) = mo
    his/hers = niya
    ours (inclusive) = natin
    ours (exclusive) = namin
    yours (plural or polite) = ninyo
    theirs (nila)


    to me = sa akin
    to you (singular) = sa iyo
    to him/to her = sa kanya
    to us (inclusive) = sa atin
    to us (exclusive) = sa amin
    to you (plural or polite) = sa inyo
    to them = sa kanila

    "I hate you" uses both the NG and SA sets: "Ayaw ko sa iyo."

    "ayaw ko" means "i don't like".

    a better word for hate is "poot" so "i hate you"
    will be "kinapopootan kita". you can also
    use the word "suklam" so
    "kinasusuklaman kita".

    We barely say I hate you in Tagalog and the closest word for that would be:
    Hindi kita gusto or Ayoko sa'yo/Ayaw ko sa'yo = I don't like you

    We use Siya for she, he, him and her. Siya is used for any gender.
    She/He/Her/Her = Siya
    It is pronounced as Sha

    They/Them = Sila

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