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Does any one have a recommendation for a french radio talk show I could listen to online?

Something that would be interesting and slow enough that I could try to understand some of the words while I am still learning? I always recommend This American Life to people trying to learn English, is there a French equivalent?

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    Some people like "News in Slow French", but I think you have to subscribe to get full services. TV5 has a lot of free stuff:
    If you want an easy level you can listen to France Info that is a news radio where they speak clearly. ( or TuneIn) The most of the broadcasts are available in podcast on iTunes.

    I had read this sentence in ur profile : (my french is very bad).
    believe me if you ur french is very bad ,radio is not good for you in this level, maybe just good for improving your pronunciation .
    I recommend you to watch " Learn French with Victor " , or try with small story here :
    Good luck.

    I don't think listen to the radio could be any good for you since you are not proficient enough in French. However, if you want to improve your listening skill, I advice you to check on youtube. There are tons of funny French people posting video, so you can find something both enjoyable and good for your French. As a short list, look for "Le visiteur du futur" (English sub available), "Norman fait des videos", "Cyprien", "Mister V", "Studio Bagel" ....have a look.

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