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I need your help about the GREEK language.

I work at a small historical museum.
We have an old book of philosophy there.
It's Japanese book,but on the first page,the Greek phrase is printed.
The print is so old and I don't understand the Greek language,so I cannot search it on internet.
It looks like this......

ἀπὸ κρήνης κα●αρᾶς ἐκρεῖ ῦόωρ κα●αρὀν

I think ● resembles "φ" or "ν".But.....

Can you read this?
What does it mean?
And is this a wise saying or the word of famous person?
Please help me.

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    Hi! This is some sort of ancient Greek, which I haven't studied...however, I'm pretty sure this is what it means:
    "From the fountain of purity emerge the minds of those who are pure", I think it refers to an idea I've heard often
    in a religious context. (I'm Catholic) In the Catholic faith it's often phrased as:
    "Those who are good are not capable of bad things, and those who are bad are not capable of good things"
    I think the word "ῦόωρ" begins with a "ni" with is written " v " and is related to the particle "νοω-" which means "mind".

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