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he wants?

my book says that "欲しい"and"……たいです"can only be used at you and me, but how to say "he wants"?

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besides, いげません is not supposed to be used at someone you should respect ,right? but how to say something like "you can't do..." politely?

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    Our Japanese language teacher told us about this. to say he or she or they wants/want to do something, you should use instead たい the construction たがっている. For example: I want to buy this book - 私はこの本を買いたいです。 he wants to buy that book- あの人はその本を買いたがっている。


    Yes, you can't say "he wants" in Japanese, because in Japanese culture it's considered that we can't really know what others want. Even if they say they want something, how can we be sure they're honest, maybe they have their reasons saying that? So, in Japanese, we should say "I think, he wants..." or use the structure for 3rd person, as Stacy has already said.

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