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Tips and Best Korean learning books

Hello! I'd like to improve my knowledge of Korean but I'm absolutely at a loss what I have to start with. I've already learned Hangul. So now I need more practice in grammar and I do want to expand my vocabulary.

What could you recommend me to do?

Which books are the best for learning Korean?

Many thanks beforehand!

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    Hi Sophia. You're doing pretty well so far by starting with learning Hangul first. I see a lot of recommendations where you should study the alphabet first so that you learn without having to romanize the Korean. That accelerates your language absorption.

    For reading and studying, I would recommend the Living Language Korean series. The complete edition costs about $50, comes with 3 books - essential (beginner), intermediate, and advanced. There is also a booklet with 9 CDs, 3 for each book, for audio lessons. They also give you free quizzes and games to play on their site as well.

    I would also recommend that you visit It's another free resource that you can use to listen to native Korean speakers speak. It's a lot of fun.

    All in all, I would recommend these two. If one or the other does not work, then you can seek other sources, but out of everything I've seen, I think you will like these two.

    You can also use Active Koreans series of books, which has 4 books for different levels. The books are based on daily useful conversation, each of them having new vocabulary words, several grammar points explained and then exercises to practice. There are also Workbooks included for each of them.
    So there's Active Korean 1 (CD included) + Workbook (CD also included) , Active Korean 2 , 3, 4.

    I use these, and I recommend them. I reached Active Korean 3 now. It's really fun! :D

    I hope you get far learning Korean. :)
    화이팅! ^______^

    It is important to follow the curriculum, introdueced in books. You can learn Korean from books much more systematically.

    At first, concentrate your study on the Korean grammar, especially on the structure of the sentence and the function words, such as 조사(the particles) and 어미(the endings)

    If possible, memorize the whole dialogue in your textbook.

    And you can practice your pronunctiation with native Koreans here.

    In addition, you can use online dictionaries, like Naver and Daum Eng-Kor, Kor-Kor dictionaries.

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