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How would you explain ‘heebies’ in the context?


“See that eye-popper? Washington’s Monument.” Father pointed into a leafless park, the pale stone rising above the trees. A memory rose with it: the long, narrow box of hallway rising like a dark mouse tunnel. An echoing argument in the stairwell, Mother’s hand pulling downward, back to safety.
“We went in there, didn’t we? One time with Mother?”
“You remember that? Small fry. You got the screaming heebies on the stairs.”

How would you explain ‘heebies’ in the last sentence?

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    "Heebies" is short for "heebie-jeebies", which is an American English idiom used to describe a particular type of anxiety usually related to a certain person or place. For example, "He gives me the heebie jeebies" means "He makes me uncomfortably nervous". It can also refer to a particular form of intense apprehension, verging on horror.

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