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Please check my sentences & correct any mistakes, thanks:)

Am I a good partner?
Am I strong enough to win?
Am not I your friend anymore?
Is he from Japan?
Is he a student here?
Is he ready for his test?
Is not he your brother?
Is she a good manager?
Is your sister a teacher?
Is not she your mother?
Is it your bag?
Is it a new hat?
Is not it your dog?
Are you from here?
Are you a worker at this company?
Are not you at school now?
Are we in the same side?
Are we members at this group?
Are not we mature enough to deal with that situation?

Additional Details:

Are they from China?
Are not they familiar?
What is this box?
Where are they from?
Why are you angry?
How is your father?
Who is this man?
Is this your address?
Is not this your doing?
Is that your sister husband?
Is that man from Dubai?
Is that book about science?
Is that site called Italki?
Are these flowers from you?
Are not these songs English songs?
Are those people your family?
Are those students here to learn language?
Are not those pictures amazing?
Are not those cats so cute?
Are those sentences correct? :))))))))))))

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    Am I not your friend any more? Are we on the same side? Are we members of this group? Is that your sister's husband? Often you will see people write and say aren't, instead of are not. Similarly you have is not and isn't.

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