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What is the word for "Late" used here?


1. What is the word used here for "late"?
2. How is it different from the word "おそく(なる)"?
3. And how can that word be used in other different situations?


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    おそくなる means "become late", but this "late" is more along the lines of and event becoming delayed or postponed beyond the expected time.

    おくれる is used when you being late for school, an appointment or scheduled event.

    There is just a slight difference between those two.

    1. 遅れる(おくれる)
    2. おくれる is a verb, means "to be late".
     おそい is an adjective ( or おそく is an adverb ), means "late" or "slow"
    3. see examples here, it's a on-line japanese-english dictionary:おくれる
     and this:おそい

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