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Which of following sentences illustrates proper sentences structure?

A. Walking down the street, my eyes were drawn to a diamond in a store window
B. A small red car pulled up behind the woman with tinted windows
C. The man in the black cape mounted his powerful stallion and rode away
D. The cats chased the birds around the yard with the yellow beaks.

Please help me to identify the sentence with more explanation. Thank you very much.

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    This is relatively advanced stuff that would trouble many native English speakers.

    C is the correct answer.

    The problem with A is that it suggests that your eyes are walking down the street. (Eyes is the noun, not "my" or "me") - As I walked down the street, my eyes were drawn...

    B suggests that the woman has tinted windows. - A small red car with tinted windows pulled up behind....

    D is similar, suggesting that the yard has yellow beaks.

    It appears that C is correct. B and D both describe things in the wrong part of the sentence. B implies that the woman had tinted windows and D implies that the yard had yellow beaks. Neither of which make sense. A is wrong in my opinion because your eyes don't walk. It should say something like "As I walked down the street, my eyes..."

    I think B is correct answer........I am not sure......thanks

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