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Meaning of "khỏi" in "Ra khỏi nhà"

Quick question,

what is the meaning of "khỏi" in "Ra khỏi nhà".

Since it translates into "Leave home" --> "Exit from home", it appears to have the meaning of the preposition "from". So I guess it might be only used with places?

Saying simply "Ra nhà" would mean to exit a place (not specified) to "enter" a home?

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    It's collocation. If you leave your home, you should use that word. It's the somewhat the same if you're back to your place.

    For ex: Get out of my house = Ra khỏi nhà tôi (request)
    Come into my house = Vào nhà tôi (request)

    khỏi is nonsense, it needs to come after "ra". " ra khỏi" means leave where you are staying or standing.
    In vietnamese, some words can't stand along. it needs go with another one in order to make sense. EX: "mệt quá" = too tired; if you just say "quá" everyone can't get it.
    you can't say "ra nhà:" it makes no sense but ones will understand if you say "ra khỏi nhà" = leave home.

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