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To take oneself (X time) to ... in Vietnamese

Second question of the day:

How would you say "It takes me an hour to go to university"?

Is there a word for "to take oneself (time)" in Vietnamese?

What about kéo dài?

Cảm ơn!

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    "It takes me an hour to go to school". In this sentence "it" is a fake subject => it plays no role to the translation to VNese. You can say that: "To go to school takes me an hour" = Đi tới trường chiếm/lấy mất 1 giờ (của tôi). The words in bracket support the meaning of this sentence in VNese.
    => Conclusion: take oneself time = chiếm/lấy mất 1 giờ của tôi.

    P/s: "kéo dài" precisely means prolong (= extend in some ways). You can check the dictionary for better expression as well.

    It takes me an hour to go to university = Tôi mất 1giờ để tới trường đại học.
    you can just say "1 giờ" and it is shortcut for above sentence.
    "kéo dài" means extension in english
    Hope this help.

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