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Three random french translation questions


1. what's a good translation for " when the time came (for/to)" *It acts as dependent clause.

2. In everyday speech, which is correct? "il y a des moments où..."
"il y a des temps que..."

3. "je dois y aller" vs "je dois aller" When someone is talking with another person and one says, "I have to go now" Can they say "je dois aller," "je dois y aller," "Il faut que j'aille."
"je me sauve"

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    1. Quand le temps viendra... is "when the time comes". I guess "Le temps venu" would be one way to say it in the past tense.

    2. il y a des moments où = great.
    il y a des temps que = not right.

    3. Je dois y aller = right (it means "I have to go". Usually "Y" just mean "the place we mentioned before" but here it also just mean "I must go")
    Je dois aller = not complete. You can say "Je dois aller... au magasin" (or where ever you need to go) but without the Y you have to state it.

    3. "Il faut que j'aille" = not complete: "Il faut que j'y aille" for the same reasons mentioned before . ;)

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