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I really need somebody that can help me to learn Norwegian language.

For learning: Norwegian
Base language: English
Category: Other



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    Well, you have come to the right website :) Have you contacted any of the tutors?

    Not sure if it helps, but some of the Norwegian self-study books may get you started independently. Assuming you're totally new to the language, there's a pretty good range of beginner books around. That said, I'm in the UK, so not sure if these books will be as easy to get hold of in the Philippines.

    I've also found some really great stuff on YouTube. If you search for "ThomasTheNorgeScone", he's got some helpful and informative stuff which starts with the basics. He's an English guy who has taught himself Norwegian.

    Ooh, also check out 'Memrise'. I've recently discovered this and I'm having a lot of fun learning various Norwegian bits with it. :)

    Hope that helps you! :)

    Lykke til! (Good luck!)

    Me too. Just sayin'.

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