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can someone tell me the meaning of the following expressions?












thank you very much!

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    不是省油的灯 you are not a good gay

    把死人说活 you are very good at speeking

    不够意思 you just care yourself and ignore others

    不知自己半斤八两 you do something beyond your ability

    吃独食儿 not to share profit with others

    穿一条裤子 you two are very good friends

    戴有色眼镜 you judge people with prejudice

    对路子 on the right track

    二皮脸 thickskinned

    黑不提白不提 Ambiguous attitude, do not stand firm

    浑身是嘴也说不清 something is hard to explain someone you need to tell them truth but they don't believe you


    不是省油的灯==it is not easy to handle is just used for describing people not to easy to cope with
    把死人说活=it is fucking that Unreasonable become justified ,escribe eloquent
    不够意思=Insufficient loyalty
    不知自己半斤八两==No self-knowledge

    吃独食儿 =a person earn the whole money.not give others a little
    穿一条裤子==describe they are good emotion
    对路子==right way to proceed
    二皮脸==Have a thick skin,it is just custom language not the madarin
    黑不提白不提=Mess things handled
    浑身是嘴也说不清==hard to explain

    不是省油的灯 it means some people is not easy to deal with

    把死人说活 it means this guy is very good at speech

    不够意思 someone is not a person upholding justice

    不知自己半斤八两means someone don't know himself well. means:you are conceited

    吃独食儿 means someone doesn't share with others. for example,if you work with someone and you succeed, but your partner take all the benefits, you can say "你吃独食儿“to him.

    穿一条裤子means people are in a very good relationship (not couples),like brothers,friends. people always do something together. or it means people in cahoots with each other.

    戴有色眼镜someone judge people because of stereotypes

    对路子right way. it's working!

    二皮脸 someone who is shameless

    黑不提白不提 hmm...

    浑身是嘴也说不清someone don't know how to explain anything when people doubt or accuse him

    不是省油的灯:Original meaning : It's not a lamp which can save oil.Thus, it's means that the lamp which is hard to deal with. Extended meaning : A person who is hard to deal with.

    不够意思 : Original : The meaning isn't enough . Extended : Your behavior(feedback/reply) isn't proper enough in the situation. (Usually be used in complaint )

    不知自己半斤八两 :Original : You don't know how heavy(weight/thin) yourself are. Extended : You are not a person who I want to deal/talk/discuss/compete....etc with . You are too weak.

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