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Help on the context of words?

안녕하세요, I've studied quite a lot of words that were provided with multiple korean translations and I find that I sometimes tend to use the wrong one because I'm not sure what distinguishes them, so could anyone enlighten me on what makes the difference? I often google both words for images but sometimes it shows the same thing and I don't know whether it matters in the context of a conversation. Also please let me know whether some words are wrong/aren’t really… used anymore.

1. 풀 ,잔디
2. 해변 ,바닷가
3. 깨뜨리다 ,부수다
4. 캠프장,야영지
5. 동아리,모임
6. 하이킹,도보여행
7. 난라,시골
8. 가관,엔진
9. 변명,구실
10. 좋은,훌룡한
11. 놀이,경기
12. 가스,기체
13. 점잖은,상냥한
14. 밀림지대,정글
15. 단단한,어려운

Sorry for the long long request I’m thanking you a thousand times if you’re willing to help me on this. Just makes conversating a lot easier if I know I'm using words in their rightful context.
고맙습니다! ㅇ/

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