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a question: i have known 2,000 english words, is it enough to speak fluent english ?

thank you.

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    Some linguists state that most foreign languages can be learned approxomately 80 percent by learning only about 2000 of the most frequently used words. If you want to learn to about 90 percent proficiency, about five or six thousand words are necessary, they say. So it is reasonable to assume that one can carry on a decent conversation in a foreign language using only the first 2 thousand of the most common words of a given language. But to be conisdered fluent, well, that is clearly just a judgement call. You must be as fluent as the people with whom you wish to converse would require you to be. Sound unclear, you bet. :-)

    i dont think a numerical number can determine a starting point for fluency in a language. the main difference between someone who is fluent and someone who is not is how they use the words really. But you probably dont have to spend too much more time simply memorizing words if you really know 2000 words.

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