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Japanese sentence structure and grammar questions

Several questions:

1) あ、ウナみちゃん!ウナみちゃんもとねがわにきたの? Is it correct that "da" is left out in this sentence? Is this allowed for everyone? As far as I heard it is more meant for girls to leave out to be (da).

2) わたしはうみへむかってるところ。 What is the difference between Mukatteru tokoro and Mukatte iru tokoro? Shouldn't the official version be: mukatte iru tokoro. Is this just a shortened version of the official one?

Additional Details:

I was referring to: kita no "da". or kita no "desu". I think that kita is the past tense of kuru, isn't it? Or has it another meaning. From the explanation of Haru, I get something else.

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