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lets do translation test to people who are learning Arabic :)

First a native Arabic speaker
I will put a question daily for people who are learning Arabic as a kind of training
it would be simple
You just have to respond to it after a good understanding

ما لون التفاح ؟

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First iam a native arabic speaker**

Additional Details:

sure i will do Denis .. but in the End of the day so i Give the opportunity for all to answer the question :)
thanks for your feed back :)

For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    لون التفاح أحمر أو أخضر أو أصفر

    Thank you for the opportunity to show how poor I am at answering questions.

    يمكن التفاح حمراء او خضراء

    إجابتي: كل شخص يرى عالم بطريقته

    يوجد التفاح الاحمر والاخضر والاصفر. يعتمد لون النوع و الوجود المورثة خاص

    أسمر بعد عشرين أيام

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