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Weather Description

Hello everyone,
I need to know how to translate the following weather description into Italian. It's fictional:

(1) This morning it was a bit stormy. (2) After the storm it was raining. (3) In the noon it was not raining, but it was cloudy. (4) Now it is sunny and a bit cold. (5) The weather is clear and very pleasant.

Thank you very much.

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    Stamattina c'era una tempesta (we can't translate bit with stormy, it is wrong write "c'era poca tempesta")
    Dopo la tempesta ha piovuto.
    A mezzogiorno non pioveva più, ma era diventato nuvoloso.
    Ora è soleggiato ma fa un pò freddo.
    Il clima è piacevole e il cielo è chiaro (we can't say "il clima è chiaro", we can say otherwise ''Il clima è buono")


    The wrod for 'weather' is 'tempo' which is an abbreviation of
    'tempo atmosferico', but everybody always use the short form.
    'clima' is exactly the same as 'climate', that is the weather over a long period of time, so 'il clima di oggi' is not a good expression.

    The weather is clear and very pleasant:
    Il tempo e` sereno e molto gradevole.
    Il tempo e` sereno e la temperatura e` gradevole.

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