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I know that 想 sort of means to wish for (for example, 我想去美国), but it can also mean to think, just like 认为 and 觉得. If I said 我想他可能吃晚饭, would the sentence still mean the same thing if I said 我认为他可能吃晚饭?

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Can someone explain to me difference between 想(using it to say "to think") vs. 认为 and 觉得?

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    想 can means something you wish for; . 想also means "miss" 我很想你=I miss you very much. 认为vs觉得can't be used by these meanings
    认为mostly means "think",it's used by showing your opinion. it's also used on the formal occasion.
    觉得 means think,but not that formal and not that certain. it's used to explain a feeling you have.for example, 我觉得他很帅=I think he is handsome.
    so 我想他可能吃晚饭 vs 我认为他可能吃晚饭 is similar, but the 我想他可能吃晚饭 is more oral.

    I got your point. After reading your question,i Realize that Chinese is really flexible. But flexibility Brings trouble to learn. I suggest you remember some certain sentences Which may can help. After you remember some of that, Just speak without thinking.


    想=think 我想这个问题很好解决。
    想=miss 我想你=i miss you
    认为=consider 你怎么认为?我认为这个人非常可疑。

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