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Can't think of a certain Chinese complement of result (结果补语), please help? :)

So in my language (Thai) when you want to say you have learned/mastered or understood something so completely, you can say something along the lines of "I have learned it completely that I can see through it/that it's become transparent to me." This would be similar in structure to the Chinese "把...verb + 得 + (结果补语)"
I vaguely remember I have seen something in Chinese similar in meaning to the Thai sentence I mentioned above, when talking about how one has mastered something, for example a language. However I can't seem to remember what it is? Would something like 完完全全 be correct? Could there be anything else, something more metaphorical? Thank you so much!

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    For example, when you say"I have learned Chinese that I can see through it",we can use the structure "sb.把 sth.+verb+得+结果补语(mostly,an adjectives)" like this: 我(I)把中文(chinese)学(verb)得很好(好=good;很=very)
    But we don't say it like this mostly,this sentence is right,but it's kind of obscure. So we usually say like this: 我的中文学得很好 it‘s translated as: My Chinese is learned well by me. it's strange in English,but most Chinese sentences are arranged like this.
    I hope what I said can help you :D

    I think there is not a certain rules for you. But remember the symbol is 得。

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