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I was doing an exercise and I had to fill the empty space of a sentence with one of the following words:

A. told B stated C confirmed D expressed

The sentence I had to complete is:

`That child must go to a music teacher,´ ________ one neighbour, and the others agreed.

The correct answer is the word stated and I'd like that someone explains me when I have to use this word, because I have searched its meaning in a vocabulary, but I don't know when to use this word.

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    It's similar to "said", but it implies that the person is stating a fact (or something that they believe to be a fact).
    It has more "finality", or weight, than "said".
    "Stated" is somebody making a "statement".

    "We are lost," said Andrew.
    "We are lost," stated Andrew.

    The 1st one is just Andrew saying "we are lost".
    The 2nd one gives the reader the sense that Andrew is 100% sure they are lost, and he is stating that fact.

    Hope that helps a little bit.

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