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When do I use the letters "b" or "v" when writing in spanish?

In English the letter "b" is used more often than the letter "v" I find that in Spanish the letter "v" is very common. Is this a true statement?

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    Hello Mel there are some rules in spanish for knowing when is used a v or a b but the best advice that I could give you is read a lot, because honestly when I write something i don´t remember the rules i only have a feeling about how a word must be written for example i know that vaca (cow) is written that way because I have seen that word many times in many different context so if I saw baca it would be awful for me (in spanish b and v sound exactly the same so phonetically baca and vaca are the same word) but a little children could write baca at first because he is not used to the language the same way an adult like me is. When I was in the school my teachers taught me many rules about this but I don´t remember that rules. However I barely make mistakes about it because I have read a lot of things in spanish so I develop a feeling of correctness, when I saw the word "prueva" , I feel that my eyes hurt because is incorrect so I immediately know that the correct form is prueba (test). Even though a teacher taught me that the majority of words that end with eva should be written with a "v" like (cueva, llueva, etc) this is an exception of the rule. So I encourage you to read a lot rather than memorizing rules that you will forget.

    No te podria decir algo especifico para determinar que palabras van con v! Pero en cuanto a la b existe una regla en la cual si te procede una"m" sigue "b" como ejemplo:

    - también
    - ambiente

    Espero te sea util

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