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All of which/all of them,Range from, Shield from the world, Lessen the burden of, Shoulder the load

1- Could I use both terms interchangeably ?
2- I can't find a proper way to describe range from?
3- Set rules and boundaries in order to prevent a person to take risks and learn from her or himself?
4 - What does it stand for?
5 - Be in charge, take the responsibility?
6 - Draw tight ? Is the same as Hold tight?
7 - Trait - a pencil stroke? a touch or trace.? Could you give me an example using both cases?
8- Geared ???
9-Ingrained - Could you give me a sentence using it?
10 - Breed?

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    You need to provide a bit more description about what you are trying to achieve here. As it stands, it is hard to understand what answers you seek. Good luck!

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