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Use of verb + 過來\過去

你們是否可以解釋我怎麼用下一個句式: verb + 過來\過去?

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    verb+过来 emphasize the direction of the verb.
    For example,走过来means walk up to you.看过来means look at your direction.
    verb+过去has the same usage of the former,but the direction of the verb is opposite,which may toward to a particular direction.

    比如 走过来/过去?它的意思是come here/go there。


    来/ 去,本来是表示方向的动词,可以放在动词后面做补语,叫做简单趋向补语(simple complement of direction),the pattern of it is : predicate verb + verb 来/去,比如,过来/过去。过来/ 过去也可以放在动词后面做补语,就叫做复合趋向补语( the compond complement of direction), the pattern of it is: the predicate verb + the compond complement of direction( V-C verb), 比如, 跑过来、走过去、站起来、拿出来、送回来……

    It means come and go

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