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What's the difference between uyanıyor and uyandırıyor?



Adam erkeği uyanıyor
Adam erkeği uyandırıyor

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    Both sentences are semantically wrong. Erkek is more about gender. So its better to use adam adamı uyandırıyor or adam uyanıyor.

    And the difference between uyanmak and uyandırmak:
    Uyanmak is to wake up (intransitive)
    Uyandırmak is to wake sb up (transitive)

    When the suffix -dir (-dır, -dir, -dur, -dür, -tır, -tir, -tur, -tür) is added to an intransitive verb, it changes the verb into transitive one:

    Uyanmak/uyandırmak (to wake up/to wake sb up)
    Ölmek/öldürmek (to die/to kill sb)
    Kızmak/kızdırmak (to be annoyed/to annoy sb)

    (PC: transitive verb is the verb which can take an object) I hope I could explain it.

    In the first one: Adam uyanıyor: The man wakes up / He, himself wakes up.
    In the second one: Adam (birisini) uyandırıyor. The man causes someone to wake up.

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