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Some expressions in Icelandic

I've started to learn Icelandic recently...and I find it difficult, and lack of resources..
so I choose to learn it with Faroese together, maybe this can make up the shortage of materials to some extent...
and I learnt some expression today [I-->Icelandic, F-Faroese]
Gothan daginn, both in F and I
Gothan dag > both,too
Gothan F...
vit síggjast--see you
so about this "good morning" there any expression similar to "Gothan morgun" of F in Icelandic? Góðan morgunn?
and there any word similar to farvæl of F?
And any phrases similar to "vit síggjast"of Faroese?

For learning: Icelandic
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    Here are all the expressions in Icelandic:

    Góðan daginn,
    Góðan dag
    góðan morgun
    Bless (this is less formal than "farewell" but it's what I'd say. It's like Tchüss in German.

    I hope this helps!

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