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Что значит " полки сосредоточив ",


Против нас полки сосредоточив,
Враг напал на мирную страну.
Белой ночью, самой белой ночью
Начал эту чёрную войну!

Заранее спасибо !

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    "Полк" means "regiment". It's military unit.
    "Сосредоточить" in this case means "to direct against something/somebody".

    So "полки сосредоточив" means "regiments were directed against us".

    Maybe this poem is about how (and when) Hitler attacked the USSR. That happened 22 of June in 1941 at 4:00 AM

    Troops were pulled to fight
    A peacefull shore.
    Nightless night was full of light,
    Then they started a dark war.

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